17 Stunning PVC Projects for the Home

1 PVC Pipe Hanger

PVC Pipe Hanger1. PVC Pipe Hanger (via Sowdering About in Seattle)

2 Outdoor Patio Table Planter, Vase and Serving Station

Outdoor Patio Table Planter, Vase and Serving Station2. Outdoor Patio Table Planter, Vase and Serving Station: Wanted: A better name for this invention I created! What is it? I consider it a multi-purpose centerpiece for your umbrella-shaded patio table. But, it can also be a serving station for utensils and napkins. Add some water and it becomes a vase for the table. When the flowers wilt, plant some shade (via Pretty Handy Girl)

3 PVC Pipe Organizer

PVC Pipe Organizer3. PVC Pipe Organizer (via Sowdering About in Seattle)

4 Chalkboard Wine Rack

Chalkboard Wine Rack4. Chalkboard Wine Rack: We spotted this clever idea in the February/March issue of Readymade. The project was submitted by an Italian DIY reader and here’s what she used to make it… (via Apartment Therapy)

5 PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer

PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer5. PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer: Shoes. They are my nemesis when it comes to organizing. I am the only girl in a household of three boys and yet all of us own way too many shoes. My husband is the opposite of a fashionister and yet t (via Home Stories A to Z)

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