21 Broken Pots Turned into Brilliant Fairy Garden DIY Ideas

1 Miniature and Fairy Gardening

Miniature and Fairy Gardening1. Miniature and Fairy Gardening: One of our favorite gardening activities over the recent years has been miniature and fairy gardening. We have created many miniature gardens into our outdoor gardens for the fairies. (and we know they are there!) We create miniature terrarium gardens inside our shop not only for sale but for inspiration to help guide you to Continue Reading (via Natureworks)

2 House for the Fairies

House for the Fairies2. House for the Fairies (via Living Between the Lines)

3 Fairy Garden Magic

Fairy Garden Magic3. Fairy Garden Magic: Fantastical fairy garden ideas! The gang at Flea Market Gardening has been busy creating homes for fairies around the trees and outdoor areas of their gardens. If you build it,…they may come to you! Fairy Lore These tiny hidden people are said to be the dispossessed early clans of the British Isles. They faded away (via Flea Market Gardening)

4 Fairy Garden Flower Pot

Fairy Garden Flower Pot4. Fairy Garden Flower Pot (via Punk Projects)

5 Layered Fairy Garden

Layered Fairy Garden5. Layered Fairy Garden: Its so exciting to see each new Fairy Garden entered into the Fairy Garden Contest. Here’s the latest. Its GORGEOUS!!! Please sign up to receive delightful Fairy Garden tips and special features BONUS : subscribers go into the monthly draw to win special gifts from The Magic Onions Shop. Email Address This AWESOME Fairy Garden, If you want to read more…click here (via The Magic Onions)

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