30 Beautiful Flowers that You Can Simply Make Using Paper

1 Anemone Paper Flower

Anemone Paper Flower1. Anemone Paper Flower (via Lia Griffith)

2 Tissue paper Marigold Flower

Tissue paper Marigold Flower2. Tissue paper Marigold Flower (via Reena Martin)

3 Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers3. Tissue Paper Flowers: Sometimes I get an idea in my head and the end result is soooo much better than what I even pictured. This is one of those times (pats herself on back). What makes it even better is that this project took me like ten minutes. I’m so in love with these little tissue puffs of goodness…Read More (via My Fabuless Life)

4 Simple Paper Flowers

Simple Paper Flowers4. Simple Paper Flowers: I am busy with offline projects today, so Ally from Now That’s Pretty has kindly offered to share a colorful paper flower hair accessory DIY with you. And let me tell you I am totally in love with this idea. Definitely a must-try. Take it away Ally A sure sign that its summer is when every girl in every (via Paper and Stitch)

5 Paper Wedding Roses

Paper Wedding Roses5. Paper Wedding Roses: Here is an easy- to-follow step-by-step tutorials on how to make crepe paper flowers. Make poppies , roses and carnations in no time! (via Foxy Folksy)

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