35 Creative DIY Photo Collage Display Ideas

6 Family Picture Gallery Wall

Family Picture Gallery Wall6. Family Picture Gallery Wall: How to make a Family Picture Gallery Wall. Use 3M strips and hang your pictures without damaging your walls. (via Tatertots and Jello)

7 Vintage Windows Picture Frames

Vintage Windows Picture Frames7. Vintage Windows Picture Frames: I turned a pair of square vintage windows into picture frames, and love the results! (via Kristen Duke Photography)

8 Jar Lid Photo Wreath

Jar Lid Photo Wreath8. Jar Lid Photo Wreath (via That’s what She said)

9 Circle Punch Photo Collage

Circle Punch Photo Collage9. Circle Punch Photo Collage (via Eighteen25)

10 Rusted Metal Photo Magnet Board

Rusted Metal Photo Magnet Board10. Rusted Metal Photo Magnet Board: The winds can sure blow here on the farm. So much so that the old barn roof is falling off in sheets. Which is a very serious problem. Unless you spray them with a little sealer. And drag them up… (via Rebecca Sower)

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