45 Creative DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Kitchen

1 Color Stripes Wooden Spoon

Color Stripes Wooden Spoon1. Color Stripes Wooden Spoon: This holiday season Im guessing youll need cheap and easy hostess gifts. Lets give our friends something useful: wooden kitchen spoons. And not just any wooden spoons, but super-cute color block wooden spoons that cost barely nothing and take about [] (via A Cozy Kitchen)

2 Oven Mitt and Hot Pad

Oven Mitt and Hot Pad2. Oven Mitt and Hot Pad: I made my own set of oven mitts and hot pads after Sebastian was born, but they were looking pretty worn out. A new year, a new set of hot pads. That’s what I say. These aren’t quite as basic as the pillow cases but they’re still simple enough for a beginner. Also, pretty prints in coordinating colors cover a multitude of crooked seams. Let’s tackle the trickier of the… (via A Beautiful Mess)

3 Cotton Pot Holder with a Flower

Cotton Pot Holder with a Flower3. Cotton Pot Holder with a Flower: I love crocheting things for around the house. If I could cover all my upholstery in merino wool, I would, but luckily I don’t have the time to get too carried (via What You Sow)

4 Dipped & Embellished Wooden Utensils

Dipped & Embellished Wooden Utensils4. Dipped & Embellished Wooden Utensils: Dipped and embellish your bland wooden, kitchen utensils! Check out our super easy tutorial and jazz up your tools today! (via Homedit)

5 Faux Paint Dipped Spoon Handles

Faux Paint Dipped Spoon Handles5. Faux Paint Dipped Spoon Handles: Add a little splash of color to your kitchen by doing a faux dip paint to your wooden kitchen tool handles. (via Lia Griffith)

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