45 Lovely Hair Accessories You Can Actually Make

1 Fabric Flower Hair Accessory

Fabric Flower Hair Accessory1. Fabric Flower Hair Accessory (via Simply Vintage Girl)

2 Fabric Headband

Fabric Headband2. Fabric Headband: This diy headband is a great beginner sewing project. (via Craft Snob)

3 Jeweled Hair Elastic

Jeweled Hair Elastic3. Jeweled Hair Elastic: Usually every night before David’s bath time my hair gets thrown in a ponytail using a soft hair elastic like these. Since I’m using them more and more, I thought of a simple DIY for a handmade gif… (via The Small Things Blog)

4 Fancy Headbands

Fancy Headbands4. Fancy Headbands: I love to make homemade gifts. I usually get a *little* too ambitious with the amount of gifts I plan to make and end up doling out gift cards, but I mean well all the same. This year I am planning to make some fancy headbands for my far away friends and nieces. These are a snap to make so you won’t fall behind on your gift list! Step 1:… (via A Beautiful Mess)

5 Leather Hair Tie

Leather Hair Tie5. Leather Hair Tie (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

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