50 Awesome Decorating Hacks Anyone Can Do

1 Half Painted Walls

Half Painted Walls1. Half Painted Walls (via At Home in Love)

2 Stair Tread Shelves

Stair Tread Shelves2. Stair Tread Shelves: In addition to my craft storage at the laundry room sink, I have two pretty shelves for extra storage. These two shelves are on the opposite side of the room and high up out of the kids reach. Th… (via Teal and Lime)

3 Decorate with Fabric Floor Cloth

Decorate with Fabric Floor Cloth3. Decorate with Fabric Floor Cloth (via I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar)

4 Family Photo Bookshelf

Family Photo Bookshelf4. Family Photo Bookshelf: I am so excited to share this family photo DIY project. In our hallway we have built in bookshelves that needed a little something. I made blueprint copies and then trimmed them to size (adding a half inch to each side). I used double sided tape to adhere them to the wall and then trimmed away any excess with an X-Acto knife. I spent two afternoons putting this together. Here… (via A Beautiful Mess)

5 Watercolor Spotted Pillows

Watercolor Spotted Pillows5. Watercolor Spotted Pillows: If you’re looking for a quick, cheap way to add a pop of print to your space then these pillows are just the ticket! They’re inspired by classic Dalmatian prints, but with a loose, more artistic interpretation. After several trials with dye (too much bleeding) and fabric paint (made the fabric too stiff), we finally found [] (via Style Me Pretty)

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