50 Stylish Earrings that You Can DIY

1 Fashionable Feather Earrings

Fashionable Feather Earrings1. Fashionable Feather Earrings: Make these cute and fashionable DIY Feather Earrings, this simple DIY tutorial with step by step instructions and photos will show you how. (via TiB)

2 Patinaed Filigree Earrings

Patinaed Filigree Earrings2. Patinaed Filigree Earrings: If your still looking for an quick and easy Mothers Day gift idea this is for you! For only a couple bucks and a little time and youve got a great jewelry gift for that super stylish Mom who loves accessories! Today Im sharing with you how to make these Patinaed Filigree Earrings. Read More (via The Crafted Sparrow)

3 Colorblock Earrings

Colorblock Earrings3. Colorblock Earrings (via Delighted Momma)

4 Glitter Hex Nut Earrings

Glitter Hex Nut Earrings4. Glitter Hex Nut Earrings (via Cafe Craftea)

5 Front Back Dinosaur Studs

Front Back Dinosaur Studs5. Front Back Dinosaur Studs (via Something Monumental)

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