50 Cutest FREE Amigurumi Patterns and Tutorials

1 Sammy the Seal

Sammy the Seal1. Sammy the Seal: Amigurumipatterns has the biggest collection of amigurumi patterns. Click and discover Sammy the seal amigurumi pattern. (via amigurumipatterns.net)

2 Elmo

Elmo2. Elmo (via Ami Outlet)

3 Kokeshi Doll

Kokeshi Doll3. Kokeshi Doll (via Happyberry)

4 Adorable Rabbits

Adorable Rabbits4. Adorable Rabbits (via Sweet Living)

5 Amigurumi Boy and Girl Bear

Amigurumi Boy and Girl Bear5. Amigurumi Boy and Girl Bear: ,,http://q.163.com/fqhddiy/, (via fengqianhengdi.diy)

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