50 Easy Delicious Recipes that will Make You Crave and Eat More Blueberries

1 Superfoods Smoothie

Superfoods Smoothie1. Superfoods Smoothie: Recipe for Superfoods Smoothie (via skinnyms)

2 Basil and Blueberry Vodka Soda

Basil and Blueberry Vodka Soda2. Basil and Blueberry Vodka Soda (via Cookbook Recipes)

3 Blueberry-Lavender Lemonade

Blueberry-Lavender Lemonade3. Blueberry-Lavender Lemonade (via Becca Bakes)

4 Blueberries + Bourbon

Blueberries + Bourbon4. Blueberries + Bourbon: I’ve taken to smashing a few blueberries in the bottom of a cocktail shaker, then adding bourbon, lemon and simple syrup, then giving it a good shake. Once the whole thing has been strained into a glass, I like to lighten it a with a bit of seltzer and a squeeze of lemon peel. (via Serious Eats)

5 Blueberry Sunflower Energy Bites

Blueberry Sunflower Energy Bites5. Blueberry Sunflower Energy Bites: Blueberry Sunflower Energy Bites crunchy, chewy, sweetly satisfying carry these energy bites with you when you need a quick energy pop between meals! Well, hello! It seems I inadvertently took a week off the last time (via spabettie)

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