17 Stunning PVC Projects for the Home

6 PVC Table Lamp

PVC Table Lamp6. PVC Table Lamp (via Dremel Weekends)

7 PVC Bath Toys

PVC Bath Toys7. PVC Bath Toys: A wonderful bath toy idea from The Brooding Hen! Build Bath Toys using PVC Pipe, Suction Cups, and a Drill. My son always wants me to hold toys, or my hands, or anything for him to pour water over while in the tub. I cannot wait to grab some scrap pvc pipe and fittings from (via Ellis Benus)

8 Modern Spring Centerpiece

Modern Spring Centerpiece8. Modern Spring Centerpiece: Make a Modern Spring Centerpiece Using Just Gold Spray Paint and PVC Pipe. If youre anything like me, youve got al fresco dining, garden parties and Sunday morning brunches on the brain thanks to 70-degree afternoons and the reemergence of that elusive thing called the sun. To get our home in the springtime Continue reading… (via eHow)

9 Washi Tape Holder

Washi Tape Holder9. Washi Tape Holder (via Sowdering About in Seattle)

10 PVC Pipe Flower Vase

PVC Pipe Flower Vase10. PVC Pipe Flower Vase: You won’t believe this genius Mother’s Day craft idea – David makes a DIY vase out of PVC pipe! He added personalized images to make it the perfect gift. (via Mod Podge Rocks)

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