30 Creative Wine Storage Ideas Which You Can DIY

26 Fine Lines Wine Rack

Fine Lines Wine Rack26. Fine Lines Wine Rack: Combine convenient storage with wall art. This sleek six-bottle wine rack is a perfect fit in the kitchen or dining room. (via Lowe’s)

27 Mind Bottling

Mind Bottling27. Mind Bottling (via Home Hardware)

28 Custom Wine Rack

Custom Wine Rack28. Custom Wine Rack: DIY Network has instructions on how to build a wine rack. (via DIY Network)

29 Fence Pickets Wine Rack

Fence Pickets Wine Rack29. Fence Pickets Wine Rack: In keeping with my New Year Resolution to provide timely instructions when promised (wink), here are some diagrams so you can build your own wine rack like the one Chris made me for Christmas. The baby is going to wake up any minute, so I’ll keep this as brief as possible. First decide how big (via Something is Done)

30 Copper Pipe and Leather Wine Rack

Copper Pipe and Leather Wine Rack30. Copper Pipe and Leather Wine Rack: DIY Copper Pipe and Leather Wine Rack. If your storage options are limited but your wine collection is not, then this DIY is for you. Put your wine collection on display and keep your favorite bottles on hand for entertaining with an easy-to-make copper pipe and leather Continue reading (via eHow)

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