30 Genius Hacks to Make Your House Smell Good Naturally

1 Terra Cotta Air Freshener

Terra Cotta Air Freshener1. Terra Cotta Air Freshener: Make natural air fresheners with essential oils and terra cotta, and enjoy the power of aromatherapy throughout the day. (via Hello Natural)

2 Simple Homemade Car Air Freshener

Simple Homemade Car Air Freshener2. Simple Homemade Car Air Freshener: 5 Homemade Car Air Fresheners made from felt, using a mason jar, clay discs, or clothes pins. All with essential oils or herbs. A healthy alternative. (via Simple Life Mom)

3 Homemade Essential Oil Air Fresheners

Homemade Essential Oil Air Fresheners3. Homemade Essential Oil Air Fresheners: Before shelling out for home fragrance products that contain potentially harmful toxins and chemicals, consider making your own air fresheners using powerfully beneficial essential oils. (via She Knows)

4 Essential Oil Reed Diffusers

Essential Oil Reed Diffusers4. Essential Oil Reed Diffusers: This is post #1 of 2 in the series Homemade Air Fresheners Homemade Air Fresheners: Essential Oil Reed Diffusers Homemade Air Fresheners: Room & Carpet Deodorizers Before we went green a few years ago, I think its safe to say that I was completely obsessed with commercial air-fresheners. Spray fresheners, plug-in fresheners, scented candles, (via Nature’s Nurture)

5 Two Ingredients Air Freshener

Two Ingredients Air Freshener5. Two Ingredients Air Freshener: Two ingredients is all it takes to make these chemical-free homemade air fresheners! Perfect for any room in the house, the car, or even your office! You can even make them look cute and blend right in with the decor! (via View From the Fridge)

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