35 Awesome DIY Gift Ideas to Make for Her

26 Crochet Heart Shaped Storage Baskets

Crochet Heart Shaped Storage Baskets26. Crochet Heart Shaped Storage Baskets (via My Poppet Makes)

27 Dip-Dyed Frosted Tumblers

Dip-Dyed Frosted Tumblers27. Dip-Dyed Frosted Tumblers: Last but not least, my very favorite detail from our End of Summer Party! We loved the Metallic Confetti Tumblers from our Summer party so much that we just had to make some more. Again we went with Martha Stewart’s glass paint collection, but this time we tried the Frost paint. It is an awesome product and were so happy with how these turned out! Materials: Glass tumblers, rubbing alcohol, painters tape, a foam pouncer, and Martha Stewart Crafts Translucent Frost Glass Paint (we used Beach Glass!) What to do: 1. Using rubbing alcohol and a paper towel or cotton ball, clean the tumblers and let dry. 2. Take the painters tape in manageable sections and tape off where you want your paint to go. (via Vicky Barone)

28 Knotted Headband

Knotted Headband28. Knotted Headband: Just a young soul who refuses to give into the college age stereotypes of ramen noodles and plaid lumpy couches. This blog is full of creativity, thoughts, ideas, decorating, budgeting, and all… (via Quite Quaint)

29 Beautiful Jewelry Organizer

Beautiful Jewelry Organizer29. Beautiful Jewelry Organizer: Ive been slowly but surely building up my stock of statement jewelry pieces lately. Although I used to be a bit shy and uncomfortable wearing look at me jewelry, I really love it now and am enjoying collecting lots of fun pieces. However, my small jewelry box that held my pearls and a pair of (via Down Home Inspiration)

30 Bracelet Tower

Bracelet Tower30. Bracelet Tower (via Craft A Doodle Doo)

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