35 Cool DIY Science Projects to Do With Your Kids

1 The Power of Bleach

The Power of Bleach1. The Power of Bleach: Check out the The Power of Bleach experiment from Steve Spangler Science! Click to learn more and browse other experiments, projects, & hands-on fun! (via Steve Spangler Science)

2 How to Grow Huge Gummy Bears

How to Grow Huge Gummy Bears2. How to Grow Huge Gummy Bears: Growing gummy bears is a fun! All you have to do is leave gummy bears in water, and the grow to be gigantic! Anyone will find this fun, so give it a t… (via Instructables)

3 It’s Conductive!

It’s Conductive!3. It’s Conductive! (via scifun.chem.wisc.edu)

4 Elephant Toothpaste

Elephant Toothpaste4. Elephant Toothpaste (via Preschool Powol Packets)

5 Make a Hovercraft

Make a Hovercraft5. Make a Hovercraft (via Scribbit)

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