35 Cool Garden Storage and Organization Ideas

26 Magnetic Bar Tool Organizer

Magnetic Bar Tool Organizer26. Magnetic Bar Tool Organizer: Keep all your tools easy to find and displayed with style using our guide to organizing your storage shed. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

27 Pallet Hanging Planter and Tool Organizer

Pallet Hanging Planter and Tool Organizer27. Pallet Hanging Planter and Tool Organizer (via Our Little Acre)

28 Pallet Gardening Table

Pallet Gardening Table28. Pallet Gardening Table: Why yes, another pallet project coming your way.I’ve only created 328 pallet projects thus far. well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration…Anyway, I’ve been busy with creating something new and different using pallets.What did I make? A Pallet Gardening Bench…I’ve never seen this something like this before (maybe it’s on pinterest, but lately it’s been crushing my creative juices so I try to stay clear)Why did I create it? Because I needed a spot of my own to do my gardening and potting. As I’ve said before, gardening isn’t my strong-suit, but when I do enjoy it and hope to get better. Spending hours on the driveway hunched over, is just not happening anymore.And why did I use pallets? BECAUSE THEY’RE FREE. how much better does FREE get… Plus I really like the size & look of pallets. Don’t you?In all, this project cost less than $10 to make and basically the money was spent on hardware.Please Click to Continue Reading… (via Jenna Burger)

29 Recycled Garden Hose Basket

Recycled Garden Hose Basket29. Recycled Garden Hose Basket: The background story of this hose basket is one of DETERMINATION. Really I had to finish this project. Maybe some of you can relate…. It started out as a Pinterest pin, such a cool idea to reuse an old (or new I suppose) garden hose that would have ended up in the landfill. The pin ended up being a fail because there were no instructions, and I was DETERMINED to make one of these, as I had recently purchased a new garden hose to replace the old one you see in these photos. So the process seemed easy enough, use zip ties and coil the hose to make a basket shape. I’ve made other material into a usable basket before, so no problem right? Well, it was pretty easy, I will admit that, but took longer than I expected. My estimate is that with the “warming up” time, that took … (via DeandrasCrafts)

30 Outdoor Storage Seat

Outdoor Storage Seat30. Outdoor Storage Seat (via Yahoo Lifestyle)

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