35 Dream Playroom Ideas that Kids Love

16 Hidden Secret Room

Hidden Secret Room16. Hidden Secret Room (via Doba Mag)

17 LEGO Wall

LEGO Wall17. LEGO Wall: The decorating experts at HGTV share 8 different children’s bedroom theme ideas that are as much fun to decorate as they are to live in. (via HGTV)

18 Climbing Walls and Slides

Climbing Walls and Slides18. Climbing Walls and Slides: You heard right climbing walls have shot past the gym into homes. See how backyards, entryways and even bedrooms are enabling the ascent (via Houzz)

19 Creative Loft Beds

Creative Loft Beds19. Creative Loft Beds: All these funny and extraordinary loft beds surely give your kid an awesome place to play, to dream and grow. Besides, they wont take much space and you can (via Kidsomania)

20 Indoor Wall Climb

Indoor Wall Climb20. Indoor Wall Climb (via Holamama Blog)

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