35 Ingenious DIY Project Ideas to Light Your Home

1 Letter Lantern

Letter Lantern1. Letter Lantern: Just another WordPress site (via Font Crafts)

2 Wicker Basket Pendant Light

Wicker Basket Pendant Light2. Wicker Basket Pendant Light: Turn conventional basket use upside down by converting a wicker basket into unique pendant lighting. (via Lowe’s)

3 Cloud Lights

Cloud Lights3. Cloud Lights (via Wedding High)

4 Paper Cups Garland Light

Paper Cups Garland Light4. Paper Cups Garland Light: OMG! This is a great, chic and cute reusable DIY! DIY Decorative Paper Cups Garland Light You can use it for showers, nursery decor, wedding rehearsals, birthdays, dinner parties and more. I just l… (via Totally Love It)

5 Pylon Cone Pendant Light

Pylon Cone Pendant Light5. Pylon Cone Pendant Light: This vibrant take on pendant lighting is sure to make guests slow down and take notice. Featuring a pylon cone, it’s an easy project you can make in half an hour. (via Lowe’s)

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