35 Useful Household Products You Can DIY and Never Have to Buy Again

26 DIY Dog Shampoo

DIY Dog Shampoo26. DIY Dog Shampoo: When it comes to washing your dog, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to make your own natural, green, and gentle shampoos right at home. Learn what they are here. (via Pet Care Rx)

27 DIY Deodorant

DIY Deodorant27. DIY Deodorant (via Sew Green)

28 DIY Drano

DIY Drano28. DIY Drano: If your drain isn’t flowing as easily as it should, then it’s probably a bit clogged. Instead of paying big bucks for chemical-filled concoctions, try fixing the problem yourself with a homemade drain cleaner. It costs basically nothing to make and can (via Pop Sugar)

29 DIY Wood Polish

DIY Wood Polish29. DIY Wood Polish: Get expert tips and techniques for cleaning wood furniture from DIYNetwork (via DIY Network)

30 DIY Makeup Removing Wipes

DIY Makeup Removing Wipes30. DIY Makeup Removing Wipes: If you’ve read my blog lately you’ll know I’m kind of on a homemade kick. Not necessarily homemade cookies, cakes and buns.but more along the lines of cleaning supplies, beauty products, etc. I haven’t gone off the deep end and started making my own dishes or shoes or anything like that (of course, never say never!) (via One Good Thing by Jillee)

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