40 Easy Ways to Turn Your Cubicle Into Your Personal Sanctuary

1 DIY Some Pretty Coasters

DIY Some Pretty Coasters1. DIY Some Pretty Coasters: UPDATE: there has been an update to this process based on a few readers having problems! Ive highlighted the changes in italics below! Like most of us, I love carrara marble. I wish every surface in my kitchen and bath could be decked out with the stuff, but then I wouldnt have anything to look (via Earnest Home co.)

2 Make Some Painted Berry Baskets for easy storage

Make Some Painted Berry Baskets for easy storage2. Make Some Painted Berry Baskets for easy storage: The Target dollar aisle strikes again. I saw these plastic berry baskets a few weeks back and decided that they needed to come home with me. The blue wasn’t doing… (via Lovely Indeed)

3 Posy Pen Toppers

Posy Pen Toppers3. Posy Pen Toppers: Using familiar office supplies, these three projects will jump-start your creative juices and result in some adorable desk decor. Each mess-free DIY takes only a few minutes to complete, so clear some time on your calendar for these totally boss tutorials! (via ModCloth)

4 Lovely Desk Calendar

Lovely Desk Calendar4. Lovely Desk Calendar: Learn how to make an ombr DIY desk calendar from designer Anna Smith using simple gift tags and beautiful watercolors. (via Home Made by Carmona)

5 Custom Desk Pad

Custom Desk Pad5. Custom Desk Pad: Hi Friends, this is Aly from Entirely Eventful Day. I am so excited to be part of the A Little Tipsy Creative Team. I have a really fun, easy, and inexpensive project for you today: How to make a DIY custom mouse pad. This beauty cost me about $8 to make and it makes the (via A Little Tipsy)

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