45 Awesome DIY Project Ideas of Turning Pallets Into Unique Pieces of Furniture

41 Gardening Tool Organizer

Gardening Tool Organizer41. Gardening Tool Organizer (via Our Little Acre)

42 Bookshelf

Bookshelf42. Bookshelf (via Beyond The Picket Fence)

43 Canning Pantry Cupboard

Canning Pantry Cupboard43. Canning Pantry Cupboard: Over the last 6 months or so – it seems that we always have a comment or two to the blog on our canning cabinet that we built out of old shipping crates and pallets. In fact, it seems to have taken on a life of its own – to the point that after so (via Old World Garden Farms)

44 Wine Rack

Wine Rack44. Wine Rack (via The Kurtz Corner)

45 Adriondack Chair

Adriondack Chair45. Adriondack Chair (via Better Homes and Gardens)

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