45 Brilliant DIY Balloon Project Ideas

36 Cherry Blossom Balloon

Cherry Blossom Balloon36. Cherry Blossom Balloon: I am very delighted for today’s post! Christine recently created an amazing Kawaii Birthday Party for her daughter and she made these adorable cherry blossom balloons. It is no surprise that both Christine and I have received inquiries about how to make them. And luckily for us, Christine is offering her time and talents to show (via Paper Glitter)

37 Tulle Balloon

Tulle Balloon37. Tulle Balloon: Turn a simple cake into a stunning masterpiece by adding a tulle balloon. Learn how to make a tulle balloon in this step-by-step DIY guide from Sweet Society. (via Sweet Society)

38 Two-Tone Balloons

Two-Tone Balloons38. Two-Tone Balloons: A bouquet of balloons is quite possibly the easiest way to make any space feel like a party. Since they’ve become ever so commonplace, I wanted to bring a bit of a subtle artistic touch to our store bought balloons. Inspired by these balloons I wanted to try out painting the balloons a bright second hue to give (via A Subtle Revelry)

39 Lollipop Balloon

Lollipop Balloon39. Lollipop Balloon: I saw something like these lollipop balloons ages ago and couldn’t remember… Read more (via The House that Lars Built)

40 Pop Up Message Balloon

Pop Up Message Balloon40. Pop Up Message Balloon: DIY Pop-Up Balloon Messages for Giant Balloons and Parties (via Studio DIY)

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