50 Awesome Recycled Glass Bottle Projects to Make

1 Wine Bottle Plant Nannies

Wine Bottle Plant Nannies1. Wine Bottle Plant Nannies: We’ve published posts about preparing your home before you leave for the holidays and Best Self Watering Solutions for Container Gardens. These Wine Bottle Plant Nannies could be just the ticket to keep your plants watered while you are away… posted originally from: AT:New York (via Apartment Therapy)

2 Green Pendant Wind Chime

Green Pendant Wind Chime2. Green Pendant Wind Chime: Turn old bottles into a chic outdoor decoration with this green pendant wind chime from Diamond Tech. These easy craft ideas a the perfect marriage of eco-friendly and stylish. (via FaveCrafts)

3 Bottles to glasses

Bottles to glasses3. Bottles to glasses: The empty and lifeless wine bottles that lie around the house can be put into use in numerous ways. Most of the time, these are sent to the recycling center. However, you will be surprised to know that these can be reused to make brilliant objects of home (via HomeTone)

4 Bottle Accent Light

Bottle Accent Light4. Bottle Accent Light: When you’re finished with this project, you will have a low-cost accent light made with commonly available materials. The project is simple and produces great-looking results. If you want to do this with a bottle that has sentimental value to you, I recommend that you practice first because glass is a hard, brittle material and you need to get a feel for the process to increase the likelihood of success. This instructable is easily adapted to assembly-line processes… Once you have all the jigs built and materials together, you can whip out bottle after bottle. Total time per bottle is about 10 minutes. (via KEUrban)

5 Recycled Bottles Christmas Tree

Recycled Bottles Christmas Tree5. Recycled Bottles Christmas Tree: These two Christmas trees were made with recycled bottles. Quite an efficient use for all those empties! The one of the left was made with 1050 beer bottles by Paul Deakin, a student at the University of Southampton (the south coast of England). The tree on the right was made with Grolsch beer bottles. Anyone feeling inspired to knock a … (via MetaEfficient)

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