50 Creative DIY Project Ideas in Organizing Your Home Using Dollar Store Items

6 Hang a few baskets for More Shelving Space

Hang a few baskets for More Shelving Space6. Hang a few baskets for More Shelving Space (via Organizing Made Fun)

7 Use Show Curtain Rings as Belt Hanger

Use Show Curtain Rings as Belt Hanger7. Use Show Curtain Rings as Belt Hanger: In the case of the Madrona Master Closet the verdict was clear: my client needed a system for her belts. Previously they had all been crowded onto two large hooks. The result was a muddle of vertic… (via Live Simply by Annie)

8 Easy Bathroom Towel Storage

Easy Bathroom Towel Storage8. Easy Bathroom Towel Storage: Hey there, friends! We had a rare weekend at home with no commitments, which only means one thing to me: time to knock some stuff of my DIY to-do list! My husband has been traveling and working something fierce, so he promised to watch the kids while I got things done all weekend long. (via Making Lemonade)

9 File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage

File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage9. File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage: Okay, confession time. I’m not exactly sure what made me this way, but I have always been super hesitant to put my still-hot straightener and hairdryer away thinking they will start a fire. Yes, I know that’s a long shot, but I have been known to turn the car around on my way to work to make sure I (via Dream Green DIY)

10 Dollar Store Tiered Tray

Dollar Store Tiered Tray10. Dollar Store Tiered Tray: Master bathroom organizing ideas (via Liz Marie Blog)

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