50 Creative Ways to Make Your Own Leather Bracelet Jewelry

1 Leather and Fabric Studded Bracelets

Leather and Fabric Studded Bracelets1. Leather and Fabric Studded Bracelets: Learn to make a DIY Leather Bracelet with fun fabric and stud embellishment. A perfect DIY Bracelet for summer stacking! (via Hello Natural)

2 Leather Friendship Bracelet

Leather Friendship Bracelet2. Leather Friendship Bracelet: I was so excited to share these DIY Leather Friendship Bracelets with you. They are so quick to make and look amazing stacked with other friendship bracelets, chain bracelets, you name it! You can never have enough friends, or friendship bracelets for that matter. They say more is… (via TiB)

3 Leather Box Braid Bangles

Leather Box Braid Bangles3. Leather Box Braid Bangles: A few of you asked me for some detailed instructions on the box braid bangle. Also, my posts from this week got deleted because of the host switch. So I’m posting about this again. I used a distres… (via Sketch42)

4 5 Minutes Leather Bracelet

5 Minutes Leather Bracelet4. 5 Minutes Leather Bracelet: Having made jewelry for a while now, I have to say this is one of the easiest bracelets I’ve ever made. This is the perfect bracelet if you are a beginner and just starting to make jewelry pieces This bracelet is so easy that you’ll find you just might be making them for all of your friends (via Artzy Creations)

5 Plumbing Supplies Bracelet

Plumbing Supplies Bracelet5. Plumbing Supplies Bracelet (via Style Hurricane)

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