50 Delightful Gifts You Can Simply Make Yourself

1 Moon Phases Wall Hanging

Moon Phases Wall Hanging1. Moon Phases Wall Hanging (via Everything Golden)

2 Chalkboard Cheese Stone

Chalkboard Cheese Stone2. Chalkboard Cheese Stone (via Frankie Hearts Fashion)

3 Painted Bowls

Painted Bowls3. Painted Bowls: I love miniature patterned bowls! When I first started seeing them take over shop shelves, I was drawn to them and it got me thinking up a DIY version. That’s just how my mind rolls at the moment! … (via The Lovely Drawer)

4 Passport Holder

Passport Holder4. Passport Holder (via always rooney)

5 Easy Washi Tape Candles

Easy Washi Tape Candles5. Easy Washi Tape Candles (via Julep)

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