50 Easy Delicious Recipes that will Make You Crave and Eat More Blueberries

6 Blueberry Cantaloupe

Blueberry Cantaloupe6. Blueberry Cantaloupe: Summer is finally here. I cant say or write these words too many times. The period between winter and spring that just did not want to concede has finally passed and although the cooler and wet fringes of a spring remain, we seem to be beyond the purgatory of seasonal transition. The brighter skies and…Read More (via Platter Talk)

7 Blueberry and Peach Salsa with Brie

Blueberry and Peach Salsa with Brie7. Blueberry and Peach Salsa with Brie: This warm Brie with tangy blueberry salsa is a simple but delicious appetizer for cocktail parties, get-togethers and potlucks. (via In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita)

8 Blueberry Lemon Larabar

Blueberry Lemon Larabar8. Blueberry Lemon Larabar: This blueberry lemon Larabar recipe makes a healthy, energy-boosting snack. Homemade protein bars are the healthy snack that tastes like dessert. (via Real Food Real Deals)

9 Blueberry Cornbread

Blueberry Cornbread9. Blueberry Cornbread: This blueberry cornbread is so good it almost tastes like dessert. A little brown sugar in the batter really enhances the flavor of the blueberries. (via Spicy Southern Kitchen)

10 Triple Fruit Rollups

Triple Fruit Rollups10. Triple Fruit Rollups: A blueberry, a strawberry & a rhubarb walk into a bar. ya that’s all I’ve got. And I am not even sure if a rhubarb is a thing. Happy Valentines Week! (yes, Mr. I said WEEK) Think what you will about this potentially Hallmark-inspired holiday, its one of the better ones. Chocolate, flowers, chocolate, sparkly […] (via Food Well Said)

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