50 Exceptionally Shiny DIY Glitter Project Ideas

1 Glitter Triangle Earrings

Glitter Triangle Earrings1. Glitter Triangle Earrings (via You Want Me to Buy That?)

2 Glitter Picture Frame

Glitter Picture Frame2. Glitter Picture Frame (via Domestic Charm)

3 Glitter Collar

Glitter Collar3. Glitter Collar: Perhaps you’d like to spend your holiday downtime doing something more productive, rather than just vegging on your couch watching a marathon of bad Christmas movies? We said perhaps. If you are, in fact, looking for a creative outlet this week, try this easy and fun DIY recipe for creating a (via Refinery29)

4 Glitter Chevron Art

Glitter Chevron Art4. Glitter Chevron Art: I write the blog Penny Pincher Fashion – your source for style inspiration, hair/beauty ideas and affordable fashion finds. (via Penny Pincher Fashion)

5 Glittered Love Banner

Glittered Love Banner5. Glittered Love Banner: Easy to make love banner decorated with glitter. Learn how to make this DIY glittered love sign with our tutorial. (via The Elli Blog)

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