50 Impossibly Cute DIYs You Can Make with Things You are About to Recycle

21 All Purpose Card Holder

All Purpose Card Holder21. All Purpose Card Holder: description (via Crème de la Craft)

22 Ribbon Mobile

Ribbon Mobile22. Ribbon Mobile: Photos and Project Design by Victoria Hudgins A Spend-Savvy Statement Piece If you ever wanted to know the secret to designing a gorgeous DIY wedding on a budget, look no further than bright beautiful ribbon! It is the most affordable way to take a celebration from ho-hum to amazing and these hanging centerpieces are a great way to infuse your party with vibrant color. They’ll come together in just a couple of minutes each and will make a HUGE statement hung over tables… (via Project Wedding)

23 Metal Fire Pit

Metal Fire Pit23. Metal Fire Pit: The circular holes all around a washing machine basin make it a great fire pit because air can get easily get to the fire. Here is a tutorial on how to transform a washing machine basin into an attractive fire pit. (via The Flourishing Abode)

24 Vine Cork Coasters

Vine Cork Coasters24. Vine Cork Coasters (via Heartmade Blog)

25 Bottle Light

Bottle Light25. Bottle Light: I need a new light in my dining room. I’m on the hunt for an old fashioned chandelier (to pair against Mrs. Snow), so in the meantime, I’m gettin funky. When I gave up Diet Coke earlier this summer, the gradual phase out included a few weeks lemon-lime soda consumption. Its not much better for (via Aunt Peaches)

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