50 Ingenious Coffee Filter Crafts to Make

1 Coffee Filter Apple Art

Coffee Filter Apple Art1. Coffee Filter Apple Art (via Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas)

2 Flower Bowl

Flower Bowl2. Flower Bowl: Create daffodil-shaped candy dishes for a fanciful table display using coffee filters and food coloring. (via Martha Stewart)

3 Painted Paper Bouquet

Painted Paper Bouquet3. Painted Paper Bouquet (via Painted Paper)

4 Coffee Filter Bugs

Coffee Filter Bugs4. Coffee Filter Bugs: This is a great activity to teach our kids color, what bugs need to eat (nectar) as well as the important roll of bugs as pollinators. All while having fun with a craft project! Materials Needed: -coffee filters or paper towel cut into circles watery tempera paint or food coloring and water Pipeā€¦Read More (via Kids Activities Blog)

5 Color Wheel

Color Wheel5. Color Wheel (via Pink and Green Mama)

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