50 Low Cost and Easy Ways to Have the Best Dorm Room Ever

46 Braided T-shirt Rug

Braided T-shirt Rug46. Braided T-shirt Rug: I love making projects that involve at least one of the following criteria: decluttering, upcycling, sewing and a need. This Braided T-shirt Rug ticks all the boxes, so when I spotted a circular ru… (via My Poppet Makes)

47 Copper Pipe Wall Hanging

Copper Pipe Wall Hanging47. Copper Pipe Wall Hanging: Hi, it’s Sarah Sherman Samuel here again from Smitten Studio & A Sunny Afternoon with a new gift-able DIY. I love the texture and dimension of woven or macrame wall hangings, but they can be quite pricey to buy, as they are usually so detailed and time consuming to make. Right now I am saving all my pennies to put towards our home renovation. So until our finances recover, I… (via A Beautiful Mess)

48 State-Shaped Cork Memo Boards

State-Shaped Cork Memo Boards48. State-Shaped Cork Memo Boards: Show off your hometown pride and stay organized with this fun memo board project! Lauren from Brit + Co. recently shared this simple DIY cork board idea that can easily be completed in an afternoon:a few basic materials and a state outline are all you need! And,if you’ve got love for New York, California, or Texas, Brit + Co. has templates you can download for free. DIY State-Shaped Memo Boards by Brit + Co. Which state(s) would you use for this project? (via Curbly)

49 Washi Tape Wall Decals

Washi Tape Wall Decals49. Washi Tape Wall Decals: I’m almost finished with Asher’s space in our new house and I’m loving how it is coming together. We had a focal wall in his previous room and I really missed having something of that sort… After… (via Everything Emily)

50 Floating Corner Shelves

Floating Corner Shelves50. Floating Corner Shelves: Using shelving is a great way to organize and de-clutter a space… I know, I know. Such ground-breaking information. Don’t write me off yet; I want to show you how to make some clean shelving that appears to have no brackets (i.e., floating shelves). You can make them for less than 100 bucks, and the hardest part is figuring out what you’re going to put on them when you’re finished…. (via A Beautiful Mess)

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