50 Spectacular DIY Shoe Makeover Ideas

31 Ombre Sneakers

Ombre Sneakers31. Ombre Sneakers: Time to get down and crafty, my friends. Earlier this week I was in Payless searching for a simple and cheap pair of black ballet flats. While I didn’t find anything I was looking for, I did stumbl… (via Made by Monique)

32 Sparkly Sequin Shoes

Sparkly Sequin Shoes32. Sparkly Sequin Shoes (via Mark Montano)

33 Heart Flats

Heart Flats33. Heart Flats (via Swell Mayde)

34 Galaxy Shoes

Galaxy Shoes34. Galaxy Shoes (via Butter & BS)

35 Studded Flats

Studded Flats35. Studded Flats: These shoes have attitude! If you love slipping on simple flats for daily wear but want to add a little oomphto the look, this is the perfect solution. Our contributor Raquel of Horses and Heelsis here with a simple DIY studded flats tutorial that can be done to any color flat you want. Here’s what Raquel has to say: “Studded shoes are so fun, but sometimes they can look a bit too edgy or overdone, especially on a pair of heels. But studded flats have just a bit of edge and are an easy DIY. When you cant find something you like, you make it! I picked up a pair of tan suede flats from Old Navy and decided to add a few studs to make them pop. You can DIY any pair of flats with studs, a few supplies, and some creativity. Studding is relatively easy and this is a fun weekend or rainy day project. (via Best Friends for Frosting)

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