80 Beautiful Snowflake Craft Tutorials and DIY Project Ideas

41 6-Sided Paper Snowflake

6-Sided Paper Snowflake41. 6-Sided Paper Snowflake (via Preschool Powol Packets)

42 Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt Dough Ornaments42. Salt Dough Ornaments: The holidays have officially begun. As we countdown to Christmas I’ll be sharing some of my favorite holiday decorations, crafts, and gift ideas. To start us off Bread Dough Ornaments from Stephani… (via Katy Elliott)

43 Colored Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Colored Coffee Filter Snowflakes43. Colored Coffee Filter Snowflakes: Brighten up a dull winter day with some colored coffee filter snowflakes. The process is so fun and easy. Kids of all ages will want to get in on these. (via Happy Hooligans)

44 Button Snowflake

Button Snowflake44. Button Snowflake: Add some kid-friendly decoration to your home with these button snowflakes. (via PBS Parents)

45 Snowflake Twist Decoration

Snowflake Twist Decoration45. Snowflake Twist Decoration: This guide will show you how to make a 3D snowflake from 6 squares of paper. It looks very complicated but is actually easy enough for children to make. (via U Can Do Stuff)

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