Trim Your Beard Line For a Party Look

We all work for five days a week that might be sometimes stressful and sometimes long working hours. But, after the week is over, we all want to leave everything at work and move towards being ourselves, letting it loose and enjoy. In between all this, we also want to look our best to make the most out of the weekend. Rather than looking like a homie, we say you groom yourself just like you thought you would want to look like.

Dressing well and wearing a perfect pair of shoes, are not the only things to focus this party season. Your beard requires a good level of attention and care to complement your dressing sense. Be it a dinner party, clubbing, or simply a weekend party, we say you go out full-fledged and stand tall in between all the chaos.

If you are wondering how to trim a beard neckline, don’t worry, you have to go ahead with it according to the beard that you flaunt.

  1. Goatee

You can go for a classic goatee or a full goatee. A neckline can add a perfect touch to your goatee, and hence it needs to be trimmed properly. It is best that you grow your hair to a desired length so you can shape it right. Start from the bottom for shaping your neckline and choose a neckline that best suits your jawline. A convenient way to select the right neckline is to keep two-fingers gap above your Adam’s apple and trimming or shaving up till there. A clean, well-shaped, and a clean bearded look goes a long way.

  1. Mustache styles

You can sport a mustache that suits your face type. There are so many mustache styles out there, and choosing one can be difficult. From handlebar mustache to anchor beard, wearing a mustache style can be a great party look. It gives you an edge over others since all of them can’t pull it off. You can either stick to a handlebar mustache, which is classy, or pair it with a goatee, and none of them going to pull you back.

Trimming the beard or beard neckline can be a task for many. It requires focus and holds over that trimmer. If you are worried about trimming your neckline, we say you follow various beard shaping techniques and tools that will make your job easier. One of them we discussed while styling a goatee where you use your two fingers and place it above Adam’s apple to find the neckline. Be it a mustache of your choice or a goatee, one thing is for sure, sporting a good beard style completes your party look in true sense.

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