14 Deep Blue Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorials

1 Edgy Cool / Neutral Eyes + Grey Lipstick

Edgy Cool / Neutral Eyes + Grey Lipstick1. Edgy Cool / Neutral Eyes + Grey Lipstick (via Batalash Beauty)

2 Armani Blue Beauty

Armani Blue Beauty2. Armani Blue Beauty: Makeup Artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, Linda Cantello, shows us to get the spring/summer 2013 blue oceanic eye makeup seen at Giorgio Armani runway show. (via The Beauty Bean)

3 Lava Peacock

Lava Peacock3. Lava Peacock (via Makeup Fancy)

4 Blue with Neon Coral

Blue with Neon Coral4. Blue with Neon Coral (via Batalash Beauty)

5 Peacock Stare

Peacock Stare5. Peacock Stare (via Make-up Artist Me!)

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