15 Creative DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

1 Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden

Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden1. Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden (via Dream and Grow It)

2 Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason Jar Herb Garden2. Mason Jar Herb Garden: Morning, everyone! Claire here, with a weekend project that’s perfect for all of you who are gearing up for lots of holiday cooking. Remember two weeks ago when I asked for your opinion on which ha… (via Camille Styles)

3 DIY Vertical Herb Garden

DIY Vertical Herb Garden3. DIY Vertical Herb Garden (via Brooklyn Limestone)

4 Hanging Gutter Garden

Hanging Gutter Garden4. Hanging Gutter Garden: Looking for a weekend project to help give spring a proper welcome? This Gutter Garden tutorial from Jayme at aHa! Home & Garden looks like an ideal way to take advantage of vertical space and make an attractive hanging garden on a budget. (via Apartment Therapy)

5 Vertical Vegetable Garden

Vertical Vegetable Garden5. Vertical Vegetable Garden: ”How to solve a problem like cats digging and toileting in the vegetable patch”””, and growing veg in a very small garden. I needed a solution and… (via Instructables)

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