20 Creative Ways to Reuse Vinyl Records

1 Vintage Cake Plate

Vintage Cake Plate1. Vintage Cake Plate (via Oh Happy Day)

2 Record Bag

Record Bag2. Record Bag (via Andi B. Goode)

3 Vinyl LP Coaster

Vinyl LP Coaster3. Vinyl LP Coaster: These are by no means an original idea. I saw them on all sorts of websites when shopping for unique Christmas gifts. However, $20-45 for six or eight coasters seems like a bit much. For the same investment [for the hole saw], you can make these guys by the thousands, and by picking out your own LPs, you can select from the choicest of colors and label designs.And while you’re feeling LP-tastic, check this out!Supplies:12 vinyl albums (raid the 25 bin!)Electric drill or drill press Bi-Metal Hole Saw (I already had a 4 1/4 saw, but if you’re buying new, go… (via Curbly)

4 Vinyl Record Wine Rack

Vinyl Record Wine Rack4. Vinyl Record Wine Rack: This past weekend was chock-full of fun crafts for me to do! More like ones I have had the supplies for, but have been putting off for a while. Guilty. Anyway, my roommates were out of town, so it was the perfect time to try out some crafts! I waited because I was warned this (via The Pinterest Diaries)

5 Record Sleeve Bunting

Record Sleeve Bunting5. Record Sleeve Bunting (via Oh Happy Day)

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