33 Adorable DIY Nursery Decoration Ideas

1 Nursery Pom Poms

Nursery Pom Poms1. Nursery Pom Poms: Tissue pom poms have become a popular addition to nurseries of late. You can buy a great assortment of colours from fabulous etsy stores like Pomlove, or if you’d prefer to make your own, simply follow the instructions below. You’ll need: – Tissue paper (you may like to choose a variety of colours) – Floral wire – Fishing line Directions: Step one: Take a pile of eight sheets of tissue paper and accordion fold it, creasing after each fold. The width of your folds will become the pom ‘petal’ widths, so take this into consideration when folding. Step two: Secure… (via Little Lovely)

2 Playroom Safari

Playroom Safari2. Playroom Safari: Harry’s now at the age where hand puppets are becoming interesting; they can bring stories to life, steal food from his plate (who knew that giraffes are partial to bananas, or that crocodiles lose… (via Kate’s Creative Space)

3 Fabric Pom Poms

Fabric Pom Poms3. Fabric Pom Poms: DIY Fabric Poms – Find your wedding ideas and inspiration at OnceWed.com #diyweddings #dolciodille #pompoms (via Oncewed)

4 Bedside Book Sling

Bedside Book Sling4. Bedside Book Sling (via Penny Carnival)

5 Ruffled Waterfall Crib Skirt

Ruffled Waterfall Crib Skirt5. Ruffled Waterfall Crib Skirt (via Emmmy Lizzzy)

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