30 Awesome DIY Project Ideas that Will Inspire You

26 Cherry Blossom Art From A Recycled Soda Bottle

Cherry Blossom Art From A Recycled Soda Bottle26. Cherry Blossom Art From A Recycled Soda Bottle: Celebrate the National Cherry Blossom Festival by making cherry blossom artwork using a recycled 2-liter soda bottle. (via Alpha Mom)

27 Plastic Bottle Lights

Plastic Bottle Lights27. Plastic Bottle Lights (via WAN)

28 Plastic Spoon Rose Pendant

Plastic Spoon Rose Pendant28. Plastic Spoon Rose Pendant: Make your own rose pendant or brooch . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a recycled necklace in under 80 minutes by fusing, jewelry making, and melting with scissors, glue gun, and safety pins. Inspired by flowers and clothes & accessories. How… (via Cut Out and Keep)

29 TetraBox Lamp

TetraBox Lamp29. TetraBox Lamp: TetraBox Lamp is the winner of the 2011 Bright Ideas Lighting Design Competition! Packet drinks are one of the most favored soft drinks among Mala… (via Ed Chew)

30 Plastic Army Men Fruit Bowl

Plastic Army Men Fruit Bowl30. Plastic Army Men Fruit Bowl: I saw a similar project a while ago on this and so decided to make my very own Plastic Army Man Fruit Bowl. Best part is it only costs around 6 to ma… (via N36)

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