45 Ways to DIY a Stunning Phone Case

1 Tie Phone Case

Tie Phone Case1. Tie Phone Case: Instead of giving your favorite guy a boring tie as a gift, use one to make a soft and cozy phone case. This DIY is easy to make and gives new life to a tie tucked in the back of his closet. And you can even pull off this project without a sewing (via Popsugar)

2 Knitted Phone Case

Knitted Phone Case2. Knitted Phone Case (via The Mrs Makes)

3 Favorite Picture Phone Case

Favorite Picture Phone Case3. Favorite Picture Phone Case: Making your iPhone cool and unusual is simple! You wont need to apply much efforts or expensive supplies. You’ll need your favorite phone, the picture you (via Shelterness)

4 Peacock Feather Phone Case

Peacock Feather Phone Case4. Peacock Feather Phone Case: I love the way my iPhone looks without a case… I’m sure we all do. However, we know it’s completely impractical to carry an iPhone without a case save we drop (via …love Maegan)

5 Simple Leather Phone Case

Simple Leather Phone Case5. Simple Leather Phone Case (via Tiny Sparkly Things)

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