30 Clever DIY Clothing Project Ideas and Tutorials

1 Sweater Sleeved Denim Jacket

Sweater Sleeved Denim Jacket1. Sweater Sleeved Denim Jacket: A while back, I came across a $65 jacket on Urban Outfitters website. The jacket, made of a denim vest with sweater sleeves, is currently sold out. I added it to my to do list and kept a mental note to keep an eye for the perfect supplies. Last month, I found an Aeropostale denim Continue reading (via Wild Amor)

2 Sequin Maxi Wrap Skirt

Sequin Maxi Wrap Skirt2. Sequin Maxi Wrap Skirt: As the year draws to a close, for many of us thoughts are turning to what to wear to our New Years Eve celebrations. I’m such a sucker for dressing up, eating to excess and generally welcoming in the New Year with a sore head. What could be better than doing it all wearing something you made… (via a pair & a spair)

3 Embellished Denim Shirt

Embellished Denim Shirt3. Embellished Denim Shirt: In case you weren’t able to join us last week at Madewell’s anniversary event, we’re giving you the breakdown on just one of the many ways we embellished our favorite chambray shirts that evening. So grab a handful of sparkle and let’s get gilding! (via Honestly WTF)

4 Leather Sleeve Shirt

Leather Sleeve Shirt4. Leather Sleeve Shirt (via The Forge)

5 Japanese OBI Panel Skirt

Japanese OBI Panel Skirt5. Japanese OBI Panel Skirt: People sometimes ask me about what inspires my DIYs, and I think most expect that I get ideas from the runway, street style, or designer collections, and naturally I find inspiration in all those places. But to be honest, more often than not I get ideas for projects from the materials I can get… (via a pair & a spair)

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