35 Most Beautiful EASY Updo Tutorials

1 Gigantic Messy Bun

Gigantic Messy Bun1. Gigantic Messy Bun: Learn how to do a messy bun with with this step-by-step messy bun tutorial, aimed at creating a messy bun with long hair, and minimal products. (via Forever Amber)

2 Knotted Bun

Knotted Bun2. Knotted Bun: I’ve had a couple requests on how to create the two updos above. Both were similarly constructed but one is high and somewhat clean, the other is low and intentionally messy. The process is incredibly simple. The hair is tied into knots and then wrapped into a bun. Get the full how-to after the jump. Knotted Bun Tutorial (via Parlor Diary)

3 Twist on the Low Bun

Twist on the Low Bun3. Twist on the Low Bun: Here’s another fun, cute way to pull your hair up off your shoulders during a hot, hot heatwave! Its basically a topsy-tail looped through so many times that it starts to coil. Here we go! Gather all of your hair into a ponytail in the back and secure with an elastic (we used a clear [] (via The Beauty Department)

4 Sideways French Twist

Sideways French Twist4. Sideways French Twist: Several months ago I showed you how to do the Chic Updo. My hair was right at my shoulders, and it was closest I could get to this style from The Knot Now that my hair is a little bit longe (via the Small Things blog)

5 Top Knot

Top Knot5. Top Knot: We love a pretty top knot! This is a great hair style for those warm summer months since it’s a stylish way to keep your hair up and off your neck and shoulders. We love how top knots can be styled to look casual for a day out shopping or more polished for an office day. Sarah demonstrates how to get the perfect amount of body for a top knot… (via A Beautiful Mess)

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