30 Cute DIY Sewing Projects Tutorials for Babies and Kids

21 Scallop Skirt Tutorial with Glow In The Dark Embroidery

Scallop Skirt Tutorial with Glow In The Dark Embroidery21. Scallop Skirt Tutorial with Glow In The Dark Embroidery: We picked up some glow in the dark thread and this cute owl pattern this weekend and planned to make this simple elastic waist skirt for Fall. As a little twist on the standard, we scalloped the bo (via Pretty Prudent)

22 Layered Skirt

Layered Skirt22. Layered Skirt (via Made)

23 Sew a Romper with a Zipper

Sew a Romper with a Zipper23. Sew a Romper with a Zipper: I love rompers. I mean, I am that adult that totally would wear them all day everyday. But alas, this one is for Scarlet. I’m totally going to make myself one soon. Learn how to sew a romper (via Pretty Prudent)

24 Tabby Pocket Shorts

Tabby Pocket Shorts24. Tabby Pocket Shorts: Jude is finishing up school this week, which has been a little busier than I thought so there wasn’t a tutorial yesterday, and with summer here things may get a little spotty, but we will still finish up the boys summer collection. Today is one of my favorite pieces. (ok I say that a lot) (via Shwin and Shwin)

25 Ruffled Keyhole Shirt

Ruffled Keyhole Shirt25. Ruffled Keyhole Shirt: I never seem to get tired of finding new sewing tutorials for little girl clothing. How could I when there are so many creative ideas to choose from? One of my favorites is this Ruffled Keyhole Shi (via Pretty Prudent)

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