30 Cute DIY Sewing Projects Tutorials for Babies and Kids

11 The Shirt Dress

The Shirt Dress11. The Shirt Dress (via Made)

12 Sun Hat

Sun Hat12. Sun Hat: Its summer (almost)! Time to protect baby heads from melanoma and what-not. I whipped up a little summer hat and created a pattern for you. Isn’t that fabric the cute (via Pretty Prudent)

13 Drawstring Waist

Drawstring Waist13. Drawstring Waist (via Craftiness is Not Optional)

14 Turn any T-Shirt into a Sundress

Turn any T-Shirt into a Sundress14. Turn any T-Shirt into a Sundress: I cleaned out my closet this weekend, woo hoo! In the process I dug up a bunch of old tees, including an adorable t-shirt that hasn’t fit quite right since pregnancy. And so, a new sundress w (via Pretty Prudent)

15 Square Circle Skirt

Square Circle Skirt15. Square Circle Skirt: How has your post-Halloween sugar detox been going? I know, I have posted a trillion Halloween related posts/comments/updates this year. And here I go again, asking how it all wrapped up for you. Whew, are those of you who could care less about Halloween so happy that holiday is over?!! ???? Onto something non-holiday (via Make It and Love It)

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