30 Genius No-Sew DIY Clothing Hacks

21 Heart Patch Leggings

Heart Patch Leggings21. Heart Patch Leggings (via One O)

22 No sew Open Back Sweater

No sew Open Back Sweater22. No sew Open Back Sweater: I had a few boxy sweaters in my closet that were brand new but weren’t quite flattering. I didn’t want to get rid of them so when I saw this sweater it gave me the idea to re-vamp them into a new style. I now will use these all the time in the cooler months (via In Honor of Design)

23 No Sew Peplum

No Sew Peplum23. No Sew Peplum (via Tasha Delrae)

24 ChaneI-Inspired Top

ChaneI-Inspired Top24. ChaneI-Inspired Top (via Tuts+)

25 No Sew Embellished Military Jacket

No Sew Embellished Military Jacket25. No Sew Embellished Military Jacket (via Kristi Murphy)

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