30 Super Important Cheat Sheets to Help You with Life

1 Wine Sweetness Chart

Wine Sweetness Chart1. Wine Sweetness Chart: A simple wine sweetness chart shows the sweetness levels for different types of red and white wines. You might be surprised to find out what level of sweetness you prefer. (via Wine Folly)

2 Ways to Stay Creative

Ways to Stay Creative2. Ways to Stay Creative (via Behance)

3 How to Convert Measurements for Cooking

How to Convert Measurements for Cooking3. How to Convert Measurements for Cooking: Homegrown, homemade, from-scratch delicious. Get your favorite recipes, gardening tips, and life hacks here at Chasing Delicious. (via Chasing Delicious)

4 Illustrated Guide to Food Storage

Illustrated Guide to Food Storage4. Illustrated Guide to Food Storage: Learn what to foods to keep and what to toss with this illustrated guide (via All You)

5 How Long Does Wine Last Opened?

How Long Does Wine Last Opened?5. How Long Does Wine Last Opened?: Fortified wines will last open for up to a month, but most will only last between 35 days. Here is a list based on the type of wine with suggestions on proper storage… (via Wine Folly)

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