30 Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs You Can Eat Once and Regrow Forever

16 Growing Gorgeous Garlic

Growing Gorgeous Garlic16. Growing Gorgeous Garlic (via The Micro Gardener)

17 Propagate and Regrow Rosemary

Propagate and Regrow Rosemary17. Propagate and Regrow Rosemary (via 17 Apart)

18 Grow Mushrooms

Grow Mushrooms18. Grow Mushrooms: Mushrooms aren’t difficult to grow at home if you set up the proper environment. Unlike plants, which grow from seeds, mushrooms grow from microscopic spores that take root in a substrate, or growing medium. Read on for information on how… (via wikiHow)

19 Grow Your Scallion

Grow Your Scallion19. Grow Your Scallion: See these green and perky scallions? They weren’t so perky a week ago. In fact, they were chopped down to their roots. But a scant week of water and a windowsill grew them back; did you ever learn how easy this is? (via the kitchn)

20 Propagate Lemongrass

Propagate Lemongrass20. Propagate Lemongrass: I do a lot of Vietnamese cooking at home, and the unique flavor of lemongrass is one of my absolute favorites. When I discovered you can propagate lemongrass from stalks bought at the grocery store, I drove right down to [] (via Garden Betty)

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