30 Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs You Can Eat Once and Regrow Forever

6 Growing Peppers from Seed

Growing Peppers from Seed6. Growing Peppers from Seed: Why start pepper plants from seed? In addition to the three colors of bell peppers and choice of jalapeno or cayenne offered at your local box store, you?ll find an enormous range of choices availa… (via Dave’s Garden)

7 How to Plant Cherry Seeds

How to Plant Cherry Seeds7. How to Plant Cherry Seeds: How to Plant Cherry Seeds. A cherry seed is actually a pit located in the middle of each cherry. You can pull out a cherry seed and plant it directly in the ground or in a pot. In order to plant cherry seeds, you must put it through a… (via wikiHow)

8 Regrow Lettuce in Water

Regrow Lettuce in Water8. Regrow Lettuce in Water: Got a Brown Thumb? You can Regrow Food in Water and save a ton of money on produce. Learn how to regrow lettuce, celery, and more from kitchen scraps! (via Whole New Mom)

9 Grow a Pineapple

Grow a Pineapple9. Grow a Pineapple: How to Grow a Pineapple Step by Step. (via Rick’s Woodshop Creations)

10 Growing Ginger

Growing Ginger10. Growing Ginger: Have you tried growing ginger yet? Ginger, known as Zingiber officinale or official ginger is a very easy herb to grow. Even better? You can probably find a start at the grocery store. This is not the tropical ginger with (via Growing Herbs for Beginners)

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