33 Adorable DIY Nursery Decoration Ideas

31 Paper Heart Wall Art

Paper Heart Wall Art31. Paper Heart Wall Art (via honeybee Vintage)

32 Liberty of London Swatch Portraits

Liberty of London Swatch Portraits32. Liberty of London Swatch Portraits: In our teeny-tiny fabric shop, Purl Patchwork, it is a challenge to find fresh ideas to display our favorite products in customer-friendly ways. We were really scratching our heads when a bunch of new Tana Lawn prints from Liberty of London arrived last week on unruly five-foot-tall bolts! Our solution: we filled a handful of simple wooden embroidery hoops with swatches of fabric and displayed them all on the wall like a family portrait gallery. These swatch portraits are so easy to make and they make great gifts too! Enjoy! (via The Purl Bee)

33 Knock-Off Abacus Wall Hanging

Knock-Off Abacus Wall Hanging33. Knock-Off Abacus Wall Hanging (via Anything Pretty)

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