35 Awesome DIY Glass Project Craft Ideas that are Easy to Do

21 Fabric Scraps Pretty Jar

Fabric Scraps Pretty Jar21. Fabric Scraps Pretty Jar: Time to pimp your jars and use up some of those fabric scraps you have lying around to clean up your crafting space. This is a quick and easy project to use up your fabric scraps and make some pretty jar storage containers at the same time. Jars seem to accumulate in the backs of…Read More (via Red Brolly)

22 Ice Shot Glasses

Ice Shot Glasses22. Ice Shot Glasses: Want to raise the ‘cool’ factor at your winter wedding or party? Make shot glasses out of ice. Here’s the step by step tutorial! (via Intimate Weddings)

23 Glam Glasses

Glam Glasses23. Glam Glasses: Looking for a fun way to dress up glassware or make a custom gift? Use our original step by step tutorial to make dishwasher safe glitter champagne glasses! (via Something Turquoise)

24 Gold Confetti Dot Glass

Gold Confetti Dot Glass24. Gold Confetti Dot Glass: Have you all seen the new holiday line at Target? They have the cutest confetti glassware. I recently scooped one up to use in last weeks design adventure. I will show you more of that later this week. But this weekend I found myself with two extra glasses and a gold leaf pen. It was (via A Thoughtful Place)

25 Modern Nautical Bottle

Modern Nautical Bottle25. Modern Nautical Bottle: A modern, innovative blog featuring Crafts, Tutorials, How-Tos, Gardening tips, Recipes and DIY Home Decor ideas (via 365 Designs)

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